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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  April 4, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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area news at 7:00. coming up, passengers used emergency chutes after a judge makes an emergency landing. plus hundreds of people are at a rally in san francisco causing gridlock downtown. president obama is running again. a new twist on his campaign kickoff. >> complete bay area news starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening. it is monday, april 4. i am gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. >> marked the day, the campaign has begun. president obama is running for reelection, filing papers that launches 2012 campaign. jana katsuyama is live in san francisco. >> reporter: most people here say they expected this but
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opinions were mixed when it came to his reelection bid even in the democratic stronghold of san francisco preheat sent out a text message today and made the announcement in a video on youtube. the tech friendly announcement featured ordinary people but was anything but ordinary. >> it needs to reflect the changes we have seen. >> reporter: mr. obama never appeared once in the two-minute video. >> he wanted to get away from the "my fellow americans" approach which is a little boring. >> reporter: mr. a bomb is facing a much tougher battle than in 2008. >> -- obama is facing a much tougher battle than in 2008. >> the problem is no longer from the incumbent party. >> i think he inherited the
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worst possible conditions as far as domestic, economy, spending, you name it. >> reporter: there are critics within his own party. people disappointed with his military actions in libya and afghanistan. >> i wish he would not be so conciliatory with the right wing republicans. >> reporter: experts say regardless of what californians might think, the main battles will not be here. >> it will come down to votes in swing states and the performance of the economy is going to dominate that story. >> reporter: many political donors to come from california so that will have a big impact on president obamas $1 billion fundraising goal. jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we need jobs, leadership.
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yet you do nothing. >> reporter: the rnp is using the catchphrase hope it's not hiring to fight the president's reelection bid. onto san francisco now. right now they are outside the federal reserve building at california and spears street. organizers said the demonstration is in honor of dr. martin luther king jr. who was killed 43 years ago today. union gatherings like this one are being held in several bay area cities to show solidarity with labor groups in wisconsin. a family is mourning the death of a u.s. marine killed
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in afghanistan. 21-year-old lance corporal harry lew died yesterday while supporting combat operations in afghanistan. passengers booked on southwest airlines are still facing delays three days after a hole opened in the fuselage of ajax.  the airline is inspecting its entire fleet. eight flights were canceled. it is an improvement from this weekend when dozens of flights were canceled. still some passengers are scrambling to make arrangements. >> we could not get through on the web to we ended up waiting online for about an hour. we booked it for today, arriving at 3:00 a.m. in houston. >> southwest airlines say its
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operations in the bay area and nationwide should be back to normal tomorrow. more trouble for southwest, during the morning news we first told you about the jets unscheduled landing at lax. 142 passengers were onboard. a spokesman says that snow was unrelated to problems with a crack in the fuselage and we learned of inspection is being conducted. certain types of planes are more prone to cracks and it has less to do with age than you may think. we will have that story coming up in 13 minutes. passengers had to use emergency slides today after the pilot was forced to return to the airport in new orleans. david stevenson is live at sfo where he spoke to passengers who arrived in the last few hours. >> reporter: united airlines flight for 97 arrived at 5:05 p.m. today after a harrowing take
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off this morning. flight 497 took off at 5:00 a.m. and the pilot reported smoke in the cockpit and inch and a failure. the plane blew a tire as it landed in ran off the runway. those passengers were put aboard another plane that arrived in san francisco a few hours ago and they shared with his impressions of the pilot struggled to control and land the plane. >> we took off and felt like it was a struggle. the captain did not have the capacity to control the plane. >> it was eventually started going down -- and eventually started going down and we could see the water and the houses.
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>> i started praying. we were coming in really fast. i could tell it was going to be a pretty big bump. >> reporter: passengers shared with us these pictures. the faa is investigating this incident. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. the corner identified a pilot who was killed. 73-year-old richard emanuel had just taken off. it appeared that the plane was having engine trouble before it went down yesterday afternoon. aviation experts are working to determine the exact cause of the crash. >> the chauncey bailey murder trial excuse a juror today. the juror was afraid of
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reprisals. they testified today that devaughndre broussard shot chauncey bailey and then turned around and shot him a third time to "make sure he was dead." now to reports that the man charged with the rape and kidnapping of jaycee dugard plans to plead guilty. he and his wife are accused of kidnapping the 11-year-old dugard and holding her captive. nancy garridos will stand trial unless she gets an acceptable plea deal. no proceedings in the barry bonds case but we have a development to tell you a ballots. the judge is considering whether to allow an audiotape to be admitted as evidence -- to tell you about. it is about steroid use.
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dr. ting denied any allegations during his testimony. >> the surprise of the tape found by mr. hoskins that has been unbound for six or seven years. if the government is anxious to play it span the implication is it would be good because it will support mr. hoskins' story. >> the jury was not in court today because a juror is sick and will resume tomorrow. we have an update on a fire in redwood city. investigators tell us that a close fire sparked the fire. it destroyed a mobile home in redwood city. a woman in five children were sleeping when the fire started around 2:00 a.m. the woman told firefighter she saw flames coming from behind
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the washer/dryer. the woman and her 17-year-old son help the other children escaped but it was a close call. >> the whole family had come out the back windows. they were screaming, i called 911 and it was pretty vicious. >> the damage is estimated at $140,000. g.i. is paying a reported $6.5 million for the national semiconductor company. the deal was unanimously approved. the dow gained 128 points. trading was light in quarterly earnings announcements pick up next week. some of america's best-
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known companies are targeted by computer hackers. what you need to know. structural stress is the likely culprit in the feel of a southwest jet fuselage. a bay area expert explains which are more susceptible. the bay area enjoyed record and at near record temperatures this afternoon. a live look from the point where we have blue skies overhead. still to come, the big cool down in store and when you may need that raincoat.
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>> a big rig crashed in castro valley this morning, it struck the wall and a center divider just west of strawbridge avenue. the highway patrol said 10
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gallons of diesel spilled onto the pavement there. the highway patrol kicked off a month-long campaign today to cut down on distracted drivers. they have increased patrols and will be targeting drivers who talk on the phone or send text messages behind the wheel. more than 350,000 drivers have been cited since the law went into effect in 2008. a warning from one of the largest online marketing companies. texas-based epsilon interactive has been targeted by hackers. >> reporter: they say hackers obtained e-mail addresses for customers of some of its 2500 corporate clients including walgreens, chase bank, best buy, and the marriott.
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a computer security consultant says spam and phishing may be the next step. >> they will either sell it to a organization who does spam or will try to trick you into going to a website so they can try to exploit you and get access to your computer. >> reporter: they said a rigorous assessment determines no other information was at risk. some of the clients e-mailed customers warning that the bank will never request information such as a personal id, password, or account number. the college board assured people of the same. >> best buy and other banks may not. there is a danger. >> reporter: one woman whom he spoke with outside of walgreens says she is already taking precautions. >> i have an e-mail address for
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my junk mail. it is separate from my personal e-mail address. >> reporter: the best advice from kevin is when giving out information, be really careful. jim vargas, ktvu channel 2 news. ray lahood called for congress -- called on congress to get tougher on pipeline companies. he wants to for penalties, more inspectors and safety loopholes closed. secretary lahood also wants pipeline owners to identify high-risk pipelines and speed up repairs or replacements. san bruno residents will get a chance to voice their opinions on what needs to be done to improve safety tomorrow night. they have scheduled a public meeting at the senior center beginning at 5:00 p.m. they are already considering
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several safety measures including automatic shutoff valves, and improving record- keeping. in san francisco police have arrested two men on charges they went on a $40,000 shopping spree with stolen credit cards. as for seeing on ktvu channel 2 news at noon, here are some items recovered. they made the arrest saturday after clerks became suspicious of the men and notified security. workers at the fukushima plants began pumping radioactive water into the ocean. water with higher levels of radioactivity is building up. the japanese government says the contaminated water poses no risk to the safety of seafood
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in the area. in california there are concerns about the threat of radioactive contamination in kelp. they found traces of radioactive iodine in kelp near vancouver that is used by abalone farmers. to scare in the air that has led to hundreds of southwest flights being canceled has happened before. john fowler explains why the problem happened in the popular 737 plane. >> it is a point where you typically have higher stressors because the sheets are not perfectly aligned so there is a little bit of bending. >> reporter: i spoke with expert roylan hewitt, air pressure, 2 tons per square- foot pushes out and then relaxes in one cycle.
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the jet had an unusually high number of cycles, 39,000. that is one for about every one hour 10 minutes of flight time. experts say that 730 sevens are favorites and are more prone to this problem. >> they accumulate more cycles. >> two decades ago the roof ripped off and aloha airlines 737, a flight attendant was sucked to her death. a china air 737 crashed, killing 225. the faa fined southwest three years ago for failing to inspect the fuselage cracks. huyett says failures are rare. >> they will happen. >> reporter: he expects the faa
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will require thorough and more frequent inspections on airliners. a former star for the golden state warriors will be inducted into the basketball hall of fame. he and nine others were elected to day. he was a standout at st. john's before being drafted by the warriors in 1985. among others are stanford women's basketball coach tara van derveer and dennis rodman. one company is set for a supersize hiring that could change the jobless rate overnight. and sunday area temperatures could get as much as 10 degrees tomorrow. meteorologist rosemary orozco will tell us which neighborhood will be the coldest. if there is no tv nearby, you can watch bay area news at 7:00 on your computer. we are streaming live on the
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>> people in marin county are trading their cars or bikes and speakers. bike riding is up 46%. walking is up 10%.
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planning officials say the finding validates their efforts to make the streets safer for bike riders and pedestrians. if you were out walking or biking today, according to meteorologist rosemary orozco, you probably worked up a bit of a sweat. >> we are still holding onto some of those 70s out there. 74 in concord right now. where are we cooler? areas right around san francisco and oakland. mid-60s at this time. we shift a little bit at this time. we have an offshore breeze and ridge of high pressure over us. this is what we are beginning to see now. the winds are beginning to pick up. take a look at san francisco, the airport reporting 18 miles per hour and that could help to
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blow some clouds are way. livermore still holding on -- clouds our way. livermore still holding on. that ridge of high pressure over us today is beginning to weaken and will push off to the east that will bring us a big drop in temperatures. this is the system here you see bring some rain over northern california. we will see clouds and we will be a lot cooler by the afternoon. we have got a second system to follow and that will bring us scattered showers with cooler temperatures for tomorrow. for tuesday, partly cloudy and the temperatures take a big drop. the onshore flow is going to increase and then for thursday, scattered showers and cooler. perhaps some low snow in and
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around thursday in the mountains. our overnight lows, upper 40s to mid 50s. not a bad day. we will be between partly and mostly cloudy skies. expects the coolly to continue tuesday into wednesday. mid-50s in the forecast on wednesday plus you will need your raincoat friday into saturday. 66 expected on sunday. >> rosemary, thank you. mcdonald's says it plans to hire 50,000 people in one day. it is looking to fill crew and management positions. the average pay will be $8.30 an hour and managers can make $60,000 a year. that is our report for tonight. i am gasia mikaelian. our coverage continues on and with our 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. "tmz" is up next right here on tv 36.
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